Connecting kitty cats

with their furever families,

one adoption at a time.

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A little bit about us.

In Honey's Memory is a no kill, cage free shelter.

This means that each kitty can run around, relax, play and be social with the other cats inside. Each shelter window opens up to an enclosed caged in area that allows them to enjoy the sunshine and breath in nice fresh air. They even have a patio to watch the birdies fly by and chipmunks run around. The shelter is dedicated to Honey, a 12 week old orange tabby kitten who, despite Anna's attempts to bottle feed and care for, tragically died on June 6, 1999.

When you adopt from In Honey's Memory, it will allow us to take in another homeless cat or take in a kitty from another shelter that is not handling being in a cage very well. You help change the life of ultimately 2 cats for every 1 cat that you adopt from us. We specialize in finding forever homes for young adults and older cats.

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Success Stories

We are no longer without a cat. While it is a 3-week foster to adoption so far we look like a Foster Fail and prime candidates for adoption success.  This lovely older gentleman is from In Honey's Memory Cat Shelter in Huntington, run by a woman named Anna who has wings under her clothes. After a good telephone conversation yesterday, she brought him to us and he walked in, explored the space, accepted caresses and purrs so loudly our hearts were lost. Last night he slept with us! His shelter name was Peppe but to us he is Misha.

Leslie Sharr

It's so much about connections that are made and I'm so happy that Xena is surpassing expectations. This young couple came in wanting to adopt a younger cat named Oggie. But Xena was adamant about them choosing her. Despite her being 11 years young this couple chose her. Happy Forever home sweet girl.

Anna Zina

Introducing Jack and Lily! We adopted these senior snuggle bugs from the incredible Anna Zina’s cat shelter in Huntington. The cats are settling in nicely, and our family is in love.

The Meyer Family