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In Honey's Memory is a no kill, cage free shelter.

This means that each kitty can run around, relax, play and be social with the other cats inside. Each shelter window opens up to an enclosed caged in area that allows them to enjoy the sunshine and breath in nice fresh air. They even have a patio to watch the birdies fly by and chipmunks run around. This shelter is dedicated to Honey, a 12 week old orange tabby kitten who, despite Anna's attempts to bottle feed and care for, tragically died on June 6, 1999.


When you adopt from us it will allow us to take in another homeless cat or take in another kitty from another shelter that is not handling being in a cage very well. You help change the life of ultimately 2 cats for every 1 cat that you adopt from us.


We specialize in finding forever homes for young adults and older cats. The largest portion of the cat community that seems to be neglected the most is the 1-7 year old ago group, this age group has a higher rate of becoming homeless. We also find that  black and black/white cats are the least likely to find homes because there are such high numbers of that color.



Volunteers Needed!

If you are near Huntington, MA, IHM desperately needs volunteers to clean kitty rooms, wash litter boxes, do laundry, dishes etc... Serious, dedicated, youth or adults only. Learn more >>


Things We Desperately Need

Donations are GRATEFULLY appreciated and can be dropped off at Westfield Feed

• Gift Cards to Westfield Feed, even just $5 is sooooo appreciated. Leave it with an employee and say it's for In Honey's Memory

• ANY brand/flavor canned food, kitty treats, and Taste of the Wild dry food ( green bag)  available at Westfield Feed

• Disinfectant wipes

• Trash bags; 4 gallon, 13 gallon and leaf trash bags

• Bath & kitchen towels, blankets and quilts. Washed please, but no worries if they are well used we can always use them as rags. We LOVE bath mats and rugs so the kitties don't slip on the shelter floor and they are great to put on top of the bureaus.


  Have you Saved a life today?

Contact In Honeys Memory for VERY INEXPENSIVE Spaying and Neutering Call 413-667-0049

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